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area measurement tool stops after 3 clicks in Internet Explorer

Question asked by pladd on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by pladd

I'm using a heavily modified version of the Tax Parcel Viewer with arcgis js 3.15. 


I've been able to integrate the measurement widget into this web site.  When I use the area tool in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, it works as expected.  When I use the area tool in Internet Explorer (8 or 10) it stops measuring area after the third click.


I borrowed code from the online measurement example, plugged in my own layers and geometry service, fired it up in IE 8 and it works fine.


Then I inserted this code and it works in all browsers except IE:


measurement.on("measure-end", function (evt) {

                alert('Really ended?');

                this.setTool(evt.activeTool, false);



I also inserted this code and same results:


dojo.connect(measurement, "onMeasureEnd", function (activeTool, geometry) {

                alert('old method');

                this.setTool(activeTool, false);



Not sure if this will provide guidance for any of you to help me troubleshoot why the area measure tool stops working in IE after the third click. Looks like it was a bug prior to 3.11 but, as I said, I'm using 3.15.