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Random Sampling for Accuracy Assessments in Arc

Question asked by rdg3191 on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by pjmarren

Hi all


Hoping for some feedback here.  I have 14 separate vector layers of land cover categories, and I want to create random sampling points for each of them. 


Because I'm using a stratified random sampling scheme and the relative area for each land cover category differs, I want to specify how many random points to be created for each area relative to the total area.  When Arc generates these points, almost all of them are along the edges and borders, something I want to avoid because of misregistration errors.


Does anyone know how to specify the points be generated at least a minimum distance from the borders of a vector?


Thanks in advance, I've only used ENVI software in our student lab for accuracy assessments, and I'm wondering if it may be easier to purchase ENVI myself in order to do this.