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City Engine 2015.2 viewport issue on extension monitor

Question asked by tanvimaheshwari on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by tanvimaheshwari

I am working on cityengine 2015.2 on a Macbook Pro, with extended display on a Dell Monitor.

When I open cityengine and view it on the monitor, I have problems selecting objects in my scene. When I click an object,  another object somewhere far away is selected. There seems to be a problem with display projections. Everything else in the navigation panes and windows works okay on the monitor. The problem is only in the viewport. It also works okay if I place my cityengine window on my Mac screen. This issue only occurs on the extended screen when working in the viewport.

Also, I have been using CityEngine 2014.1 for while with the exact same setup and never encountered this issue before. So I am guessing there might be some compatibility issue with 2015.2

I really don't want to work on my tiny Mac screen, so I would appreciate any pointers. Thanks!