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LED Streetlight Distribution Pattern Polygons

Question asked by C_Martin on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by PMielke-esristaff

We have a client that is in the process of swapping out all streetlights for LED, they interested in seeing the various light distribution patterns as actual spatial data.

So, a dozen or so types of LED heads each emit different shaped cones of light (only one being generally round), we could likely generalize into 4-5 different shapes, but they want to see these shapes graphically with relatively accurate linear distance and proper orientation to the road.

Since millions of these lights get installed every year I'm wondering if anything in ArcGIS could accomplish this or if anyone knows of any tools that could be used on many thousands of lights.

Looking for out of the box suggestions, I know we could develop internally but client likely won't want to pay the cost to develop from scratch.