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Enhanced Quick Report Template with Offline Capability for Appstudio

Question asked by pdjkth on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by sprasad-esristaff

Hello, We have been trying to use Appstudio with hope that we could use it for Offline. However, Quick Report Template with Offline Capability dont seems to be available. Please make availability of Enhanced Quick Report Template with Offline Capability for Appstudio so that we could use it for our projects. Jay Thakur, On behalf of WWF Germany

---------------------- In order to create an App to works in "offline mode" with QuickReport Appstudio So far we are able to do: 1:- With ArcGis Desktop we created an ArcGisRuntime Content (Geodatabase file) based in our Customized Feature Class 2.- Created a Tile Package (.tpk file)     - We used a ESRI basemap from this list:     - Add the basemap to an empty MXD that you wish to create tiles for.  Close and save this MXD.     - Open the 'Manage Tile Cache' GP tool.  Specify a Cache Location and the MXD you created in step before.  Add the same basemap to your MXD and digitize your Area of Interest using the parameter in this tool.      -  After our cache is created use the 'Export Tile Cache' GP tool to create a .tpk.  3.- SOME CHANGES INTO THE QUICK REPORT TEMPLATE TO ENABLE “OFFLINE MODE”       1. Removed the Network check to enable app to start in offline mode in landingPage.qml (61-64).       2. Removed Busy Indicator in LandingPage.qml that would show up while loading the notepad icon (72-77).       3. Removed Alert Dialog that appears if there is no internet LandingPage.qml (93).       4. Removed Case in QuickReportApp.qml page so that camera page is always shown (168).       5. Removed if condition for button (New Report) color in WelcomPage.qml. Color used to be different when there is no internet available.      This is now same when there is net available or not (168-169).  4.- SOME CHANGE INTO THE QUICK REPORT FILES TO ADD OUR GEODATABASE.FILE: - copy the .geodatabase file into the /assets directory of your Quick Report template.  (Image attached - assets.jpg).  - Reference this using the gdbPath variable as shown in the Local geodatabase editing Sample Codes.                                              Ex: property string gdbPath = "/assets/mydata.geodatabase". So far we are NOT able to do: 1.- Show the page / survey form with the Feature Server Information in our QuickReport App in the "offline" mode   Jay Thakur, On behalf of WWF Germany