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Exporting Joined Tables in ArcGIS Pro to Maintain Field Names

Question asked by whsgis on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by jschuckert_InterwestGIS

I have joined three sheets from an Excel file to a shapefile.  Each sheet contains ACS data so some of the field names are duplicated.  (Example:  HC03_V17 is present in all three sheets: Economic, Social and Demographic.)  This seems ok because when I look at the joined table before exporting it to a shapefile the titles contain a prefix for the sheet they came from and the actual ACS code that I can look up in the metadata file (see below). 

When I export though I lose that naming convention.  Instead, Codes like Economic$.HC03_V17 are transformed into something like Economic_12.  This makes it quite difficult to go back to the ACS metadata and determine what that field data measures. 

Is there a way to maintain the naming conventions that appear when I first add the join?