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Official vs walkable hotels?

Question asked by joeb@cwd on Feb 24, 2016
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I may be able to attend the UC for the first time this year, budget permitting. I am putting together a cost proposal right now and am deciding between one of the official hotels for the conference versus a cheaper hotel that is within walking distance of the convention center and other stuff to do at night.

Not having attended before, I wonder how important staying at the official hotel is? I see that it's about 6 miles away from the Convention Center, so not what I would consider walkable. But I imagine shuttle service is included in the hotel registration, or possibly even with just the Conference registration?

I will be flying into San Diego, and I will not be renting a car.

My spouse has the summer off and may also tag along - I'd like her not to be stranded out in the 'burbs without a car. So I'm leaning towards a cheaper hotel near the Convention Center. This would also give us more options at night.

Are there events at the official hotel I will be missing out on? Does shuttle service/walkability to other stuff near the official hotel make my concerns mute?