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Texture file changed after being imported into CityEngine

Question asked by tjiang03 on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by tjiang03

Hi guys,


We tried to follow the video (#5 CityEngine Essential Skills: Importing Terrain and Imagery - YouTube ) to convert both DEM and image into CithEngine, but it did not work. For DEM, we first convert it into a tif format in ArcMap, then copy and paste all the relevant files into CityEngine workspace. But when we preview the tif image in CityEngine, it is just a gray image with no details which can be seen in the following picture,




                                           the texture file imported to CityEngine with no details



In the fact, the tif image aimed to be used as the texture file of the terrain layer contains lots of details looks like the following picture,



For DEM, we went to 'raster calculator' to create a dem.img and then copy and paste it into CithEngine (all files are saved in 'map' folder. but when we bring both into a scene, we got a different image from that in ArcGIS. We could not figure out the reason for that.


Could you give me some advise? Thank you so much.