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Explorer app not honoring layer visibility in web map

Question asked by kwikstrom on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by mitchj_madsewer

I saw a similar post about Collector, but my issue is with Explorer. I'm working with a web map with multiple services, and each of these services has layers and layer groups. In the web map, we have turned off each individual layer that we do not want displayed and saved the map.


In the Explorer app, a handful of these layers (turned off in the web map) are still displayed on the map. When we open the Map Layers, we see that it honors the web map layers displayed, they are turned off. However, the features are still displayed on the map. If I turn one of the layers on then it will stay displayed on the map but the other layers displayed (that aren't supposed to) suddenly disappear.


So, to summarize.

  • Explorer app Map Layers widget (is it called a widget?) honors the layer visibility check boxes. Same layers are checked as in the web map.
  • Explorer app map does not honor layer visibility from the web map upon startup.
  • In Explorer, turning any layer (within a service) on or off corrects what is displayed on the map.


The web map uses two services that have many layers, sublayers, and even a sub-sublayer. Could this be the source of the issue? There's just too much in the web map?



Thanks much! I've been very happy with the quick turnaround of GeoNet responses lately. You guys are all great!