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Update a Feature w/ GeoEvent Processor on a secured service

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Feb 24, 2016

We have a successful GeoEvent service set up that updates Police incidents in real time.  The output connector is updating a feature that is in a published service with feature access enabled.  All fairly straightforward, but now that we have it working, we need to put security on this service.

With security enabled on this service, GeoEvent processor can no longer see the feature service to update.  Research has led me pursue the 'Use Token' option in the Registered ArcGIS Server settings within GeoEvent Manager. 

My issue is actually getting the appropriate token.  It seems you need to go the server's tokens location (<myserver.domain>/arcgis/tokens/) and generate a token.  I am having trouble finding the correct HTTP referer URL to use.

From the ArcServer help docs:


  • HTTP Referer: When this (default) option is selected, the issued token can only be used in requests referred by the specified URL. This is the URL of the page from which the request is made to the ArcGIS resource. Use this approach when building an application with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript or other REST-based applications, in which individual clients will request maps and data directly from the ArcGIS Server web service.


I am not sure what this URL should be in this case.  Additionally, I am not sure if, once I get the correct URL and token if this would need to be manually changed once the limit of our long-lived tokens is reached (1 day, currently).  That would not be a terribly convenient workflow.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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