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Database joins in ArcServer?

Question asked by on Feb 23, 2016

Set up, ArcSDE Feature class of facilities as points, in another oracle database facility information. My task is to join them and server as an ArcServer REST service when I can click on a point in Leaflet and see the relative information from both tables.


So I joined them in ArcMap and it works fine. However when I go to create the Service it falls apart. I get an error "00062: Data frame contains data that does not use the same connection to an enterprise geodatabase (featureService). The Help file says the solution is just copy both the Feature and Table into one database. In the ideal world that might be nice but it can't happen here.


Anyone know of a work around?


OK I was able to create a Oracle View and push it into the SDE instance, Now in theory they are both in the same database. I can now create a dynamic Map Service, However NOT a feature service, as I get "


00135: Standalone table's data source is not supported"

I think it recognizes that it's looking at a view not table.  For now I'll work with the dynamic service.


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