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Service incorrectly transforming GeoRSSLayer outSpatialReference

Question asked by crozzy on Feb 22, 2016

We have a georss feed from a service where the coordinates are not correctly transformed to NZTM values.  Reading the API you can specify an out Spatial Reference.  This would be great but the conversion uses a utility at does not convert correctly. So when added to a JavaScript map the features do not display in the correct location.


This can be seen where a similar value is presented by using the conversion utility
:  and entering values:

This should return values in the ranges:

XMin: -1360246.4528216124

YMin: 4396622.905393021

XMax: 6334822.058701608

YMax: 7307344.9424917605

Spatial Reference: 2193  (2193)


but instead returns values in the range:



Has anyone else had any problems with this.