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Collector App losing data in Edit despite showing Successful Update

Question asked by amarchand on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Weng.Ng

We are finding that Collector App will lose/not actually save information entered in the field at Edit > Update > Update Successful.


By any measure the update seems to be OK but after 15 minutes returning to the Point where the Edit was made, the data entered in the field is gone.  Our Edit and Save/Update shows as being Successful in the App but we are losing some data in the field and scratching our heads.  This occurs over short distances of 200m whilst excellent mobile coverage is maintained.  Is there a Sync bug we need to hear about?  All equipment in the field and App running on most current version.


We haven't found any pattern within the data fields that could prompt this loss of data and it occurs randomly every 1/20 Edit points.


We are using Collector App on iPads loaded with SIM for sync in excellent coverage areas and are syncing to an ArcGIS geodatabase.


Any eyes and ears and great minds on this would be appreciated.  What you think Guys and Girls?  Cheers!