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PostgreSQL and SDE

Question asked by sherriekubis on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by cwsurbey

I'm just beginning research into PostgreSQL, with more questions that answers at the moment. 


Our history is that we are a long-term ESRI product user, and have been using SDE since version 3.2, always in Oracle. 

My direction now is to investigate migrating spatial data to PostgreSQL.  I'd like to do this on Linux.

For those who have gone before me:

- how big is the market share of GIS users in PostgreSQL for production use? 

- What flavor of Linux is most commonly used?   I see that RedHat and SUSE are supported.

- I see this latest version of PostgreSQL  noted:

PostgreSQL 9.3.5 (64 bit)  with PostGIS 2.1

But I also see may flavors of PostgreSQL advertised, Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL Plus.

What flavor do you use? 

What has been your experience?

Where have you trained? 

PostGIS - is this required? 


Any insights or comments are appreciated, I apologize in advance for the "newbie-ness" of the question.