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Vector Fail

Question asked by bokeefe on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by csgeosol1

So I'm trying to play with the Vector Sample in the API and it doesn't work.


I copied the sandbox example to my server.


Then I copied the root.json contents to my own file.


I made a single adjustment (background color) to see if my changes would propagate and I get a 404 error.


I know the file is there. I have both copied and renamed it from the server directly. It's there. The contents match exactly with what I am trying to do. Still nothing. I will happily admit I am clueless as to vector styling via JSON, so maybe I'm doing something simple and ignorant of basic concepts. But I can't figure it out.


I even copied and pasted the original JSON back into it and still I get a 404. Confused.