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Create silhouette of 3d city model using Skyline 3D Analyst in ArcGIS

Question asked by Sebahat on Feb 18, 2016

Hi all,

I have some question about visibility analyst in 3D Analyst in ArcGIS. I want to create silhouette of a 3d city model from observation point. For that, I had used Skyline, Skyline Barrier and Skyline Graph in Visibility Analyst. And the Skyline tool offer choise us for create: "Segment Skyline" or "Create Silhouette" under the Skyline Options (picture 1). When I used "Segment Skyline", it contains green line feature in picture 2. I thing, it doesn't look like silhouette of a city. Instead of "Segment Skyline", when I used "Create Silhouette", it contains grey mulhipatch feature in picture 3 and 4.


How can I create a silhouette like below picture?



How to create silhouette of a 3d city model using ArcGIS? Can the Skyline Analyst solve my problem?

Can you kindly give any advices?