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WAB and the Print Server

Question asked by bokeefe on Feb 17, 2016

So I have created a custom print service and have been able to create an MXD that is then subsequently used by said print service FROM a Web App Builder built map.


Here are my problems:


1) I have to do the following workflow for EVERY ADJUSTMENT TO ANY TEMPLATE.

     - Make adjustment to MXD

     - Close WAB Completely

     - Use Toolbox > Export Web Map Tool > Run

     - Go to ArcGIS Server ADMIN > Set blockDataCopy : false

     - Back to MXD

     - Right-Click on Geoprocessing Results > Share As Service > Overwrite

     - Publish

     - Go back to ArcGIS Server ADMIN > Set blockDataCopy : true

     - Open WAB

     - Launch Test site > Test Print

     - Now I see any changes I made... but if I skip even one step of this lengthy, convoluted, process then I see no changes on new print.


2) I can't get the Map Name to show up on the map? I'm assuming this is a Dynamic Text in the MXD but I can't find it.


Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix these issues?