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How to access non spatial tables on webmap?

Question asked by yvacageosystems-cc-esridist Employee on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by WCrick-esristaff

Hello community,


I have a webmap with some non spatial tables on it. I can see them on the webmap JSON:



     "operationalLayers": [{

       //list of operational layers and their popupinfo


     "baseMap": {

     "baseMapLayers": [


           //list of basemap layers




     "version": "2.1",

     "tables": [





   //rest of webmap properties



When i load this webmap into a MapView, i couldnt find how to get a reference of any non spatial table.

I also checked the public methods on WebMap class and i can see methods to get the basemaps, bookmarks, operational layers, predefined queries, but no methods to get the tables. Perhaps im missing something, since im new to android development.


Any help would be appreciated.