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Merging Features

Question asked by SpookieUkie2 on Feb 16, 2016
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I have a question regarding merging polygon features.  In Arcgis Pro, I have create a polygon that is in the shape of an thick L.  I created it two different way ( and have tried several different times)

1) As a single polygon

2) As two polygons, then merged into a single polygon (Use the merge tool under edit)


When I export the shp file for either of them, I use another program called AbaData to see how the polygon will appear.  (In arcgis, the polygon appears as expected.    In AbaData, the L shape disappears  into more of a rectangle, dropped one of the points.  (see the images)


Is there something I am doing wrong when merging or is this maybe an issue with AbaData? I have not run into an issue with AbaData before but that could be the problem.  Thoughts?