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eSearch Query not working for some expressions

Question asked by tjlemahieu on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by tjlemahieu

Using the eSearch expression configuration, I am able to build my queries.  The problem is that some work and others don't.


For example:


CVTTAXDESCRIPTION = 'CITY OF BIRMINGHAM'              9000+ records

SCHOOLDESCRIPTION ='BIRMINGHAM CITY SCH'           0 records                                                        
CLASSDESCRIPTION = 'RES IMP (INCLUDES PRIOR SI-SUBURBAN IMP.)'      0 records                                   
Upper(NEIGHBORHOODCODE) =Upper('36H')                                                       200+


The ones returning 0 records return the message "No results" immediately.  It's confusing because as you can see below, SCHOOLDESCRIPTION ='BIRMINGHAM CITY SCH' should produce results.  And furthermore, CVTTAXDESCRIPTION = 'CITY OF BIRMINGHAM' does produce results.



Do you have any idea what I may be missing?