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Setting up spatiotemporal AND relational big data store

Question asked by s.kuensteresri-de-esridist Employee on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by rsunderman-esristaff

Hi all,


I'm trying to set up a testbed (ArcGIS 10.4) with spatiotemporal AND relational big data store installed on the same machine.

Relational Data Store should be used by Portal for ArcGIS, Spatiotemporal Data Store should be used by GeoEvent Extension.


ArcGIS for Server, Portal for ArcGIS and WebAdaptor are working fine. SSL is configured with valid certificate for server domain.


I installed ArcGIS Data Store and dismissed the Config Wizard after installation was finished, opened command line and created two data stores by using this command:


configuredatastore siteadmin password C:\arcgisdatastore --stores relational,spatiotemporal


After a while the script returned with a message like "installation successful" and when I looked into my Server Manager, I could see the Data Store. I federated the server with Portal and it works fine.


Then I installed the GeoEvent Extension and assumed it would show an entry for Spatiotemporal Data Store, but the dropdown box is empty (I expected to find an entry "default").


I looks like the SpatioTemporal Data Store didn't start, is not well configured or something went wrong during installation.


How could I figure out why it isn't working as expected? Are there any logfiles I could investigate?

Do I have to open ports on firewall even all components are installed on the same machine?


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot,