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Copying/Exporting to SDE causes crash

Question asked by pan_gis on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by pan_gis

Hi guys,


I am experiencing this since long time.


Once I have to move a FC to an SDE Database:


1) if I export the FC usually takes ages, (even with FC with 20 points) sometimes I cannot even see the geoprocessing finishing.

2) if I copy the FC to the SDE, sometimes works, sometimes, like right now, the process causes a crash.


Then, if I cancell the process ArcMap takes even more time to be available again.

I am not talking about big datasets, a simple layer with 20/30 points.


Looking at the task manager the memory used at the moment is 90%.

It might be a memory shorteness?

If not, where should I look?