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OfflineFeatureEditing crashing

Question asked by colin_lawrence on Feb 15, 2016



I am relatively new to swift and iOS development. I downloaded the sample "OfflineFeatureEditing" and have been playing around with it. It has recently started crashing on me. This started happening after I added my own .tpk file and service in place of the existing ones. It seems to load up the tiled layer and data just fine, but will crash at what seems like random times while exploring the map. The app freezes and the error displayed on the console is:


" libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type Esri_runtimecore::Geodatabase::Transaction_not_started_exception: This transaction has not been started.

(lldb) "


It would seem like it has something to do with the data but I have no experience in errors or debugging. Any help would be appreciated.