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registerwithgeodatabase and DBTUNE KEYWORDS

Question asked by Eric_V on Feb 15, 2016
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We are on the way to migrate from 10.2.2 to a newer version and I'm trying to convert all our SDE command to arcpy.


But It seemed that all the fonctionnality we have with the SDE command line tools are not existing with the new arcpy tools.

(This give me the feeling ESRI is acting now like Microsoft with older release of Windows , like 3.0 to 3.1, XP to Vista : Deliver a not completly Develop set of tools and wait for client complains to react. Not really profesionnal and customers friendly).


Here is our situation :


We have multiple keywords in DBTUNE : one for ST_GEOMETRY with specific TABLESPACE definition, one for SDO_GEOMETRY with different TABLESPACE setting, etc...


With the registerwithgeodatabase tools (ArcMap / ArcCatalog) : no way to specify a DBTUNE Keywords.


with : is ther a way to set the DBTUNE Keywords ??? .


Those commands allways used the DEFAULT DBTUNE Keyword, but I want to specify a specific one.


Your help will be really appreciated.