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Use of "Zonal statistic as table - 2" for overlaying polygons

Question asked by Sibrom on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Hello to all of you,


I am processing 11.000 polygons, which are partially overlaying, by the published "Zonal statistic as table - 2"  tool (New Spatial Analyst Supplemental tools, v1.3 | ArcGIS Blog ). Somehow, even though my input layers meet the criteria, it just creates an output table with 665 items, not 11.000. Is there any known reason for that? Since I am not so familiar with python: What is this whole colour thing about and could it be the reason for the limited items?



I attached the "Zonal statistic as table - 2" script file.



Thanks in advance