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Collector use in the backcountry

Question asked by cat30691 on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by dougbrowning

I'm creating an off-trail guide using ArcGIS Online. I need a system for outdoor educators to easily collect data in the field that can be updated to the ArcGIS Online map. I'd like my field collection method to be simpler than the multi-step process of using a GPS device and BaseCamp.


I need a reliable, easy-to-use data collection system that works in incredibly remote areas. Collector seems like a viable option, but I have little experience with it. I would really appreciate any help in answering the questions below:


Are there any obvious drawbacks to the Offline mode of Collector?


Does Collector drain the device's battery life very quickly? It would be used for backcountry courses ranging from 30-90 days (the device will be turned off when Collector is not in use).


I am hoping that I am not the first person to use Collector for backcountry travel. Does anyone have any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive device to use with Collector in an area without cell service/WiFi?


Thank you!