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WebApp displays different scales on various devices - how to fix?

Question asked by manofthewild07 on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by rastrauch

This is a difficult question to word in one sentence, so there may be an answer here, but I haven't found it.


The issue I'm having is displaying my web app on different devices. Specifically when projected at meetings, for example. On my computer and on server, I set the full extent to cover a certain area (the conterminous U.S.). I also set the caches to use the same scales as ArcOnline's preset scales for zooming in and out.


On my computer and other computers it works perfectly, but when I plug in a projector the scale tends to be quite different. Using the U.S. example. instead of showing all 48 lower states, it cuts off S. Florida, and all the states like Washington to Maine. When I "zoom out" by one set amount, it not only covers all 48 lower states, but much of Mexico and Canada and the oceans.


Why does the scale change like that? Does it just have to do with the aspect ratio of the computer screen vs other screens?


If that is the issue, is there a way to "reword" the scales so its not set in stone like 1:50,000 but based on lat/long or something like that?