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Manage available tile scales

Question asked by tmiddel on Feb 11, 2016

Hi all,


I'm new to AGOL and figuring things out slowly. I'm just trying to figure out whether it is actually possible to manage tiles scales in AGOL.


I have a 1.2GB tile package which I created locally, uploaded to AGOL, and published as a tile layer. I was under the impression that once published there was the ability to manage the availability of specific tile scales. I had hoped when publishing within AGOL the option of which scales to publish would be presented but from what I can see so far the Publish button by default publishes all scales. My next hope was that once published I could make specific scales unavailable, In this case I'd like to make the 1:2,257 scale unavailable to save on storage, then be able to make it available when we run projects which require that resolution.


I realize I could redo the tile package and omit that scale but making the tile packages, uploading them and publishing them are time consuming. I could also upload a couple different versions of same area as tile packages with differing scales and only publish one or the other depending on the use requirement but that seems inefficient as well. I'm finding the Manage Tiles link misleading if all it lets you do is view the status of published tiles....


There was a similar question here :Delete tiles at smallest scale levels  but the suggestion to repackage omitting the smaller scale seems to me to miss the suggestiveness of the Manage Tiles link. I feel like I'm missing something!


Many thanks in advance.