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Problems add XY-data from Access to ArcMap

Question asked by rgpugent on Feb 11, 2016
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Currently, I am working with an Access database which has Longitude and Lattitude data of cities in it. I want to use this data to represent these poinlocations in ArcMap Desktop 10.2.2. Therefore I linked my Access database to ArcGIS using an OLE DB connection and loaded the querries into ArcMap using the ArcCatalog window. After this stage, I encounter two problems:


1) Using the add XY-data function in the File-menu, I can load the pointlocations of one of the querries into ArcMap. However, the attribute table of the created pointlayer is empty. ArcMap visualises all records though.


2) In another querry, I inserted a criteria in Access to select only certain records (example: Like"*fabri*"). Adding this querry to ArcMap results in an empty table with no records at all.


Is there a solution for these two problems?