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Convert .tif to .jpeg

Question asked by darrenwparsons on Feb 11, 2016
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A coworker has a flyover tif file which is too big to register in another program. I am trying to convert it to a .jpeg.


I tried the copy raster function, but couldn't get it to work. It is already RGB, 8 bit unsigned, so I didn't understand what the problem was. Error message:


Executing: CopyRaster "N:\Common\Pad Scans\151005_Pad5_ortho-full.tif" "N:\Common\Pad Scans\151005_Pad5_ortho-full.jpg" # # # NONE


Start Time: Thu Feb 11 09:23:34 2016

ERROR 000446: Output file format with specified pixel type or number of bands or colormap is not supported. Refer to the 'Technical specifications for raster dataset formats' help section in Desktop Help.

Failed to execute (CopyRaster).

Failed at Thu Feb 11 09:23:34 2016 (Elapsed Time: 0.12 seconds)


Anyways, I loaded it as a layer, and just exported the map as a .jpeg, 3000 dpi works size wise. Our problem is that the corners of the image have a known location, and the export is adding a margin to the image. Trying to remove the margins is affecting the aspect ratio, or cutting out parts of the image.


Can someone please tell me either how to export the image with no margins, or how to import the image to not have margins in the first place?