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Yuma Tablet and Arcpad 10.2

Question asked by nandishveda28 on Feb 10, 2016



I am using the Yuma Tablet with Arcpad 10.2 installed. I am having few challenges with connecting the GPS in Arcpad. When i load the shapefile which has the projection of ARC_1950 datum, the GPS says No datum Transform found from arc1950 to ARC_1950 and the shape file doesnt load at all.


So could anyone please let me know how can i configure the GPS for the datum "Arc_1950_UTM_Zone_35S" and "GCS_Arc_1950". The datum what we use is for the Zambia country.


One more thing is when i open the blank Arcmap and ckick the GPS to active, then it shows the GPS icon clearly, but when i load the shapefiles with the above projections, the GPS doesn't work.


Please let us know so that i can start using the GPS in Arcpad.