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Import data from Leica Cyclone to ArcGIS

Question asked by JohnWallX on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by YaqubMughal

I am trying to better understand the workflow for importing point clouds from Leica Cyclone (v. 5.1) to ArcGIS (v. 10.2.2). Within Cyclone, I understand that I can set the XYZ of a location below the lidar scanning unit. Following the acquisition of a number of scans, I can tie them all together. Once I have a merged point cloud, I will have a PTS/PTX file which I can then convert to LAS using this LAStools (Pointzip: Compressing Leica's Cyclone PTS and PTX files with LASzip) tool. However, it is unclear to me how I can project this data into a projected coordinate system like UTM Zone 17N. How is this possible? Is this done within ArcGIS or Cyclone?