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Map With Windrose

Question asked by bpayne10 on Feb 10, 2016

I'm working on a map that includes a windrose (using Highcharts).  This works well, until I want functionality behind the windrose.  The windrose is effectively in a div that is positioned over the center of the map and has a transparent background so the map itself shows through.  The windrose has some functionality of its own, so I would prefer to keep both the windrose and map functionality in tact.  I have tried using jquery.forwardevents.js (GitHub - MichaelPote/jquery.forwardevents: Forwards mouse events from one DOM Element to another. ) and have tweaked that slightly to work somewhat for the map. 


If I forward the the events to the div, I can capture events without issue but they are not propagated down to the map. If I forward events to the map itself, I am only able to capture certain events such as click.  I have also tried forwarding all events straight to the graphics layer that I have points in to test and still am only able to capture the click event. This makes panning, and interacting with points on the map impossible. 


Has anyone done something similar to this before?