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Problems Editing and Saving Web Maps from within Map Journal Builder

Question asked by knoop on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by knoop

We are encountering problems saving web maps being edited within the Map Journal Builder. This has been happening since last November's update to Story Maps, which added the capability to edit web maps from within the Map Journal Builder. A fantastic addition by the way!


The symptom is that students open the web map editing from within a section in the Map Journal builder, then they edit something on their web map (e.g., add/remove a map note feature, add/remove layer), but the Save button is disable. If they select Cancel, instead of Save, then a popup appears telling them that they have unsaved changes in their web map. If they cancel that popup, then the Save button is still disabled. Selecting Cancel and then acknowledging the popup to close the web map editor does, as warned and as expected, result in their changes being lost.


The issue only seems to arise when we have a large number of students (20+) working on Map Journals at the same time. It seems to randomly affect some students and not others. If a student does cancel out (losing their changes), and then tries to edit the web map again immediately, then sometimes it works fine, others they still cannot save. Once they've run into the problem, they have also tried reloading the Map Journal Builder, however, sometimes that fixes things for a bit, others it still fails right away when they try.


To the best of our knowledge, this issue is only arising when we have 20+ people editing their own Map Journals at the same time during a class session. We haven't had reports of it occurring outside of class, when they are not all working simultaneously. During class session, the Story Map website seems to be very responsive, so we don't suspect any networking issues.


We have not found a way to reliably reproduce the problem. It has happened, however, both times we have had large classes using the Map Journal Builder since the integration of web map editing inside the builder.


Any suggestions you have for alleviating this issue would be greatly appreciated!