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TimeSlider integration for ArcGIS Server Resources

Question asked by jrgriffiniii on Feb 10, 2016

Hello everyone,


Currently, I'm a member of a team undertaking the development of a web application involving both ArcGIS for Server, as well as the accompanying JavaScript API.  Regarding the app. itself, we would like to create an interactive map of the United States illustrating change in a particular type of legislation at the state level. This type of legislation has been generalized to four ordinal classes coded "1" to "4", with a fifth value "0" indicating no legislation. We are symbolizing the state polygons by category using a color ramp. We have 9 years of data and would like to attach a time-slider to allow the user to move through the displays at one year intervals. Do we have to parse 9 geospatial data layers in order to provide snapshots of each time step? Or would it be possible to parse a single geospatial data layer with the legislative class values for each of the time steps held in separate fields.


For the data set which has been generated for us locally, the structure of the attribute table is as thus:















New York






Please note that, given this structure, we would please prefer to parse the column header for the date value, with the column value being used to generate the shading of the state/feature.  However, as I understand the structure of the API for both the HistogramTimeSlider and TimeSlider widgets, both seem to require that the value for the dates related to each state/feature be structured in a single column and as a value (rather than a column header).


Is my understanding of these two widgets correct?  And, if not, are there any samples in which the date values for either of these widgets is retrieved through parsing the headers of these columns?


Thank you very much.