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Overwrite an existing tile cache now it is not showing anything.

Question asked by WCECD on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by r.aluvilayilesrikuwait-esridist

I had some adjustments to make on an existing basemap that I created and is hosted on my own server called "GeneralPurpose". I decided to overwrite the service to reflect the changes. I go through all the necessary steps and give it plenty of time to generate tiles, to the point it says complete. However, when I try to look at applications and other online maps that use this there is nothing, an empty screen except for the other layers, no basemap. When I put both "GeneralPurpose" and the newly overwritten service that is called "GeneralPurpose_201602091154" there is nothing coming from the plain "General Purpose" and the "GeneralPurpose_201602091154" is correct (I overwrote the service twice hoping that it was just a fluke). Is there a way to 'rename' or whatever to make anything looking for "GeneralPurpose" to be directed to the one that is showing up correctly?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.