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WAB Popups Alternatives

Question asked by bokeefe on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by kmsagis

I'm not happy.


The ArcGIS Online option has ZERO functionality for Attachments that are images OTHER THAN a simple link to the attachment.


This doesn't even make sense. Even in the Flex system you could XML your pop-ups and do some fairly amazing stuff. Now....? We are in HTML5 land. I'm talking Javascript, JQuery, Animations, Charts, and more...


But the popups for a Web App Builder Mapplication are still... blerg.


So I'm wondering... before I begin to get into the Widget development phase (that I've been dying to do) has anyone else come up with a solution to provide some 'ooomph!' into your popups? Are there workarounds, hacks, etc.? The Parksfinder has the PERFECT solution for displaying attachments per feature class... Why hasn't that been adjusted into a Widget yet? Surely I'm not the only one looking at these popups and hanging my head in shame?!