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Question about Bower

Question asked by ayako_suzukiesrij-esridist Employee on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by odoe

I am following documentation 'Using Bower for Custom Builds of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript' to understand how to create custom build.

In the sample Esri provided, 4 dependencies are included in the include parameter as dependencies of esri/map in build.profile.js.


layers: {
    'dojo/dojo': {
        boot: true,
        customBase: true,
        include: [
            // include the app, set accordingly for your application
            // dependencies of esri/map that will be requested if not included
        includeLocales: ['en-us']


esri/map is a dependency of app/main.

So, I do not think dependencies of esri/map is necessary to be included in the parameter when app/main is included.

However, when I deleted dependencies of esri/map and created custom build, these 4 dependencies are dynamically loaded.

Does anyone know why the dependencies of esri/map is required to be included in the parameter if I want to create one single js file?