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Previous DB user did everything under the SDE account, HELP!

Question asked by naalexandrou_lcpa on Feb 8, 2016
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I will admit I am not a master at DB Management, however, I am fairly certain this was done incorrectly. The previous person in my position did all work and added all data to our SDE DB as the SDE account. This has run me into trouble as I am trying to make a web app for data editing, and I continue to get error codes that no layers are editable (I believe because everything was uploaded as the SDE account, essentially, no one but the SDE account is able to edit the data, and I can't go in and create versions, or use the REST API for data syncing).


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I am curious, how you guys would go about talking to the database administrator here at work to go about making me a user account with DB owner privileges so I can go in, clean this up, and start making data that is versionable, editable, etc.


Any help would be appreciated.