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Local Geoprocessing Services

Question asked by Chris_323 on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by nita14

Hiya Guys, I am currently having an issue with Local Geoprocessing Services.


I have packaged up the 'Viewshed' tool using the Geoprocessing Package wizard, I have enabled support for ArcGIS Runtime. I used the same process to package up the tool for the ArcGIS server, which I could execute in my custom runtime application fine. I want to see the performance difference between running the tool on a server and running it locally on the machine.


I seem to get this message within the exception when calling SubmitJobAsync()

"Error code '400' : 'Bad request: GET GPServer/Viewshed/submitJob The specified task was not found."


I also get the same error when trying to view the Service URL in a web browser. If I back track within the web browser to the GPServer branch, there are no tasks listed within the information.


I also a similar error on the internet where the guy forgot to add the Task name at the end of the local server URL, I have done this by:

Uri myUrl = new Uri (gpURL + "/Viewshed");