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Map Notes - ArcGIS Online - Story Maps - Soliciting Ideas/Feedback

Question asked by vines2014 on Feb 9, 2016



I would like to know from fellow colleagues your opinion about if this is the best platform (Map Notes) to use for this map. I created the Boy Scouts of America Scouting for Food Map for Circle Ten - Golden Arrow District (Plano, TX) to use to manage the Scouting for Food Territories that each unit is assigned.  See map:


How it works, each unit is assigned a territory and they are in charge of dividing the territory among the scouts that are volunteering, on Week 1 - Scouts Distribute the bags to each house in their territory this bags will be use to collect the food and Week 2 - Scouts will collect the bags with non-perishable foods from each house in the territory assigned to them and then take them to the collection points to be sorted and given to the local food pantries.


The map worked well since it was the first time that the District could visualize the map online and use from any device. Scouts and Leaders where able to interact with the map rather than looking at a paper map. If the Unit Leader needed to make copies of their area they where able to print. For many years this task was done by paper that contained outdated information and it was hard to update to distribute to all.


My questions are or features that I need?

  1. It will be nice if I can place a label in each territory so its easy to identified without using the map contents but Map Notes don’t allow for that, How I can do it?
  1. It will be nice if I can move the Collection Points layer to the top but Map Notes don’t allow me to do that.
  1. I need to have each territory selectable (layer) so users can turn off/of.
  1. It will be nice if I can have a flag that can turn on when a territory have drop off their non-perishable food.
  1. Would it be better to create each territory in ArcGIS Pro and then publish to ArcGIS Online? Would that use a lot of credits? How will be the more efficient way to publish the layers individually or as a group?
  1. Would like to add a photo to when users click on the Collection Points like a Story Map.
  1. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it better, perhaps using a different approach, technique, app or application?


Thanks very much!!!


Carlos Saavedra