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How do I link a point Geoevent input to a polygon feature service?

Question asked by doschec_LincolnGIS on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by doschec_LincolnGIS

Hi geoevent processors -


I've got an existing feature service (a building footprint polygon) and I'm trying to use Geoevent Processor to grab some sensor data (on energy usage) and then update the feature service with this value.  A web map can then update and colour-code the footprint based on that energy usage.  To do this I'm polling an existing website for JSON.  That JSON stream has lat/long values though my current geoevent definition is set to not construct geometry from fields, as the sensor provides its point coordinates but I need to map this value to a polygon. 


I know that I've got to match the output definition fields to my feature service attributes and I can't quite work out how to deal with the feature service's Geometry field.  Should I be thinking about attaching the building footprint geometry to the inbound JSON stream with a field enricher?  Should I be constructing geometry from fields?



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