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Calculate Acres in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by alaflying on Feb 7, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way I can calculate acres for polygons being entered into a feature service when in ArcGIS Online during an edit session in an app?  I tried building a tool that could be added as a geoprocessing service but that did not seem to work. Is there a way to at least show the Shape Area column in the attribute table or in the pop up table for the features?


Or as a work around, is it possible to somehow combine the Draw tool with the Editing tool, so a user can see what the calculated value is and then hand enter it into the attribute table during an edit session? I know I could add the draw tool and have the user draw the polygon first to get the acreage and then have the user create the same polygon using the edit tool to enter in the data, but that seems a bit redundant and time consuming.


Thoughts? Is there another to do this?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!