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Moving ArcGIS Data To New Computer

Question asked by wacole1213 on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by wacole1213

I have a feeling that I'm not framing this question properly and for that I apologize, nevertheless:


My ArcGIS licensed products are on computer A.  My map data [.mxd, rasters, layers, etc.], including geodatabase, are on Computer B.  I do this I as I have offisite backup attached to Computer B.  Computer A has only local backup.


Computer B is threatening to go south so I bought a replacement for it; called Computer C.


I copied the database and map files from Computer B to Computer C, using the same directory names on both.

i copied the .prj and .txt files and related subdirectories [which are in a subdirectory \ArcGIS on Computer B] to Computer C, keeping the same subdirectory name.


I reset the Home directory in the Catalog so that it points to Computer C.  When I restart ArcGIS, I see the new Home directory.


When I go to load a map [.mxd], however, I'm seeing the base map in it's proper extent, but I'm not seeing the layers that are associated with the .mxd file.  If I, however, authenticate to Computer B [the old one], all is well.  Obviously I've missed some step in the transfer, but I can't work out what that might be.


Would very much appreciate a pointer to the appropriate part of the ArcGIS help file that explains this.  [I've tried various search options on the Help file, but never seem to get quite the right set of search words].


Many thanks,  Bill Cole