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Verizon Networkfleet connector not getting all messages

Question asked by marshboyd81 on Feb 5, 2016
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I am running ArcGIS for Server v10.3.1 with the most recent GeoEvent Processor extension as of today (2/5/2016).  I originally(and successfully) set up a Verizon Networkfleet connection in December which allowed me to see the GPS location, Sensor data, Diagnostics, Health buffer (and so on).  At the end of January, I stopped receiving everything except Diagnostic, Sensor, and Health Buffer Data.  I have been in communication with Verizon and they are showing everything is successfully being sent to my machine but I am not being able to see anything but the 3 messages listed in the previous sentence.


I did some testing using the DHC app on chrome to manually submit xml data (examples sent from Verizon).  The GPS data gets a 200 response, but no inputs counted in manager, nor any error in the log (that I could find).

This is the sample post call from the geoevent server:


Doing the same call but with sensor data, returns the same response, but it is collected by the geoevent input.


So my question is what do I have configured incorrectly? I can only think it is my machine failing since Verizon is sending the right data AND my manual calls fail as well.




Marshall Boyd