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Is there a way getting detailed error message while importing replica changes using Arcobjects ?

Question asked by mkarahan on Feb 7, 2016

Hi everone,


I am using IGeoDataServer's ImportReplicaDataChanges method to import replica data changes. (GeodataServer is initializing with ConnectionString for connecting directly to Geodatabase).


If there will be an error while importing, Arcobjects throws an error that only contains a simple message like "Field is not editable". And this message tells nothing about the real error behind.


But when i use ArcCatalog or ArcMap to import same data change message, ArcCatalog shows detailed error like "closed polylines not allowed" and displays which feature (Table and usually ObjectID) causing the error.


How can i get these detailed error information when using ArcObjects ?


Note : I am using 10.2.2 version of .Net SDK and using direct connection for ArcSDE in Oracle (RHEL). GFFSO and GNGU patches applied the server hosting the application and Geodatabase also upgraded with these patches.