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ArcGIS Earth Wish List for Version 2.0

Question asked by LC on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Xiaoxu_Li-esristaff

ArcGIS Earth is pretty awesome.  Out of the gate it reads projected shapefiles (in addition of KML and KMZ), measuring distance and area is A LOT easier, and you can switch basemaps.  Then for those that use it, you can add your ArcGIS Online map services to ArcGIS Earth!  This is great!


However, if you're going to call something version 1, you have to expect there will be bugs corrected and features added to version 2.  So to help that process along, here are some corrections/features I would like to see in version 2.

  1. The ability to save drawn features as KML, KMZ, SHP, etc.  Seems kinda basic.
  2. The ability to rename layers.
  3. Support for GPX files.
  4. Support for geo-referenced JPG, PNG, and TIF image files.


Also, it would be great if the URL for APFO ArcGIS Server NAIP imagery worked ( ).


Any other low hanging fruit I missed?