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Editor Widget Manual/Auto Update

Question asked by thewabbit on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by thewabbit

Hi All


What I currently have is a (slightly) customized WAB Editor Widget. I've added the ability to upload an image to the server and then populate a couple of fields within a feature edit window. The image below shows the workflow...4iw2c1oz.bmp

Once the image is uploaded, a user can click either 'Use as photo' or 'Use as closeup'. These buttons will then update the associated fields with the URL to the image/thumbnail.


What i've noticed is that edits are only saved when the text field is clicked on. So if the main picture and closeup picture were changed, then the user would need to click in each of the four fields to save the changes.


What i'm wanting to achieve is that when the user clicks either the 'Use as photo' or 'Use as closeup' button all changes made to the feature are saved. How would I go about achieving this?