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Can Portal items be managed by security category?

Question asked by tminterWork on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by MBaber-esristaff

Our organization operates under a business rule that requires data / information security categorization and appropriate treatment of the information based on its assigned category.  Has anyone found a way to categorize a Portal item (e.g. a hosted feature layer) and then be able to manage what Portal capabilities can and can't be used with that item based on its categorization (e.g. category 3 item cannot be shared to everyone)?


A use case could be a scenario where business units add their confidential layer to a shared, collaboratively managed map.  The Emergency Manager could have a panoptic view of the data (see all layers on the map), while the business units could only see their own confidential data and all other layers that can be shared across the business units.


Maybe this is an upcoming capability in ArcGIS Online and/or Portal for ArcGIS?  Maybe it exists now, and I just haven't found it?