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Migrating overlapping encumbrances

Question asked by phill214 on Feb 3, 2016

Hi All,


We're trying to migrate our existing parcel data into a parcel fabric. I've been following the guides in the help files for loading existing data but have run into a problem. Our easements/encumbrances have a lot of overlapping polygons. I've seen the process for dealing with overlapping polygons (extract the overlapping polygons, planarize the lines, etc). My problem is in the formatting steps before processing the overlaps, particularly in converting the lines to single segments and true curves.


After converting the lines, I need to rebuild the polygons from the new lines to meet the topology rules required for the parcel fabric, correct?


With the original lines broken up, all of the overlaps now become their own polygons and lose their attributes (non-overlaps get reassigned attributes based on spatial join with original centroids). Does anyone have a work flow (other than manually) of either a) avoiding this or b) being able to recreate the original polygons with attributes? If I've totally missed the boat here, let me know. Parcel fabrics are brand new to me.


Thanks in advance!